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Mass Moments resources consist of three units for high school (HS I, HS II, and HS III), two for the upper elementary and middle-school level (E/MS I and E/MS II), and suggestions for third-grade classrooms, where Massachusetts history appears in the state frameworks for history and social science.  Developed by the Mass Moments editorial staff in consultation with K-12 educators, these resources make it even easier for teachers to use this electronic collection of 366 stories from Massachusetts history.

Each lesson has student activities, primary source documents, links and associated Moments. All of the components are self-contained for maximum flexibility. You can choose units, lessons, student activities, and/or primary sources. Any resource on the site can be utilized in the classroom without a fee.

Each of the five units includes:

  • Brief introduction to the topic
  • Essential question
  • Relevant Massachusetts state standard(s)
  • Several lessons, with:
    • Key questions that students should be able to answer after completing the lesson.
    • Related Mass Moments.
    • Learning activities that require students to use Moments, documents, and other resources.
    • Primary sources with vocabulary and, in some cases, text-related questions. The documents are identified with the unit number, a dash, and then the number of the document (i.e. E/MS I-2), followed by a title.
    • List of suggested resources (In the elementary/middle school units, the resources are appropriate for teachers' use, not students'. Resources listed in the high school units are appropriate for both teachers and students.)

Mass Moments is a project of Mass Humanities, whose mission is to support programs that use history, literature, philosophy, and the other humanities disciplines to enhance and improve civic life throughout the Commonwealth.

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