E/MS Unit I

Unit Vocabulary List

adulteress: a married woman having sexual relations with a man who is not her husband
ambush: surprise attack
appointed: agreed on
artificially: cleverly, well
barricade: barrier, in this case to protect from wind
bass: type of fish
be multiplied: have children
benevolence: kindness
bestow: give
binding: tieing up
boughs: branches
bushel: about 32 quarts
catechise: teach religion to
cleaving: remaining true to
coasted: searched
command: give
commence: begin
compacted: built close together
compassed: gone around
consultation: discussion
contend with: struggle with
constrained: forced
corslet: clothing worn to protect upper body
counsel: advice
Covenant: agreement
creek: stream
deemed them: thought they were
degrade: to make someone feel lower
degraded: made to feel less worthy
dextrous: skilled with hands
discharge: fire
discourse: speech
display: commotion
dwell: live
dwellings: homes
endeared: loved
engraven: printed
enlightened: well informed
espied: saw
eulogy: speech or writing in praise of someone who has died
exploits: actions
fit for plow: good for farming
foe: enemy
foresaken: abandoned
garrison: building fortified against attack
hard by: close to
harkened: listened
heathen: person who does not practice Christianity
immortal: never to be forgotten
inhabitants: people who live there
injured: wronged
keep his commandments: obey his commandments
league: about 3 miles
lieth: lies
make satisfaction: to pay or compensate
martyr: someone who dies for a cause
mischief: harm or trouble
mortar: cement-like material
musing: wondering
musket: gun
Newtown: original name for Cambridge
odious: offensive, disrespectful
ordinance: sacrament or ceremony established by God
overseers: individuals appointed to manage Mashpee affairs
paled in: surrounded by
parley: talk
perfidious: deceitful, treacherous
perish: die
plain ground: flat land
plantation: land [in this context]
portion: share of an inheritance
preeminence: first rights [in this context]
privileges: rights [in this context]
propound: ask
propounded: told, made clear, set forth
proprietors: owners
purposing: planning
put to flight: made them run
ransack: destroy
redress: make right
rendezvous: gathering, meeting
repair: go
resolutions: decisions
resolved: agreed to
rod: 5.5 yards
rude: simple, primitive
sachem: leader of a Native American tribe
savage: "uncivilized" or "primitive" person
secures: protects
sentinel: guard
sepulcher: burial place, grave
shallop: small sailboat
shower of hail: bullets
sprit: branch, perhaps tree
stock: animals
strewed: spread, scattered
stubble: cut stalks left over from last harvest
succeeding plantations: later settlements or colonies
superfluities: things that are not necessary
trace: tracks or prints
treacherous: not to be trusted
treaty: agreement between nations
veneration: great respect
vindicate: clear of blame
wanton: immoral
wax: act
waylay: to lie in wait
whelmed: covering
white mischief: harm