High School Unit III

Lesson B: Suggested Links & Resources


EDSITEment unit on "The Industrial Age in America: Sweatshops, Steel Mills, and Factories" uses three major events to explore issues of industrial progress and workers' rights.

EDSITEment unit on "The Industrial Age in America: Robber Barons and Captains of Industry" looks at industrial leaders/entrepreneurs vis a vis the working class.

University of Iowa Child Labor Public Education Project website includes K-12 lessons related to present-day child labor.


Boston's Workers: A Labor History, by James R. Green and Hugh Carter Donahue (Boston Public Library, 1972).

Commonwealth of Toil: Chapters in the History of Massachusetts Workers and Their Unions, by Tom Juravich, William F. Hartford, and James R. Green (University of Massachusetts Press, 1996).

We Will Rise in Our Might: Workingwomen's Voices from Nineteenth-Century New England, by Mary H. Blewett (Cornell University Press, 1991).


Library of Congress: America at Work, "America at Leisure Motion Pictures from 1894–1915" (streaming video)

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