E/MS Unit II

Unit Vocabulary List

a familiar: small animal or imp, which supposedly nursed on a witch's breast, thought to help in witchcraft
abate: become less severe
accordingly: as a result
adherents: followers
agues: high fever
aniseed: seed-like fruit
apprehend: arrest
articles: rules
assistants: officials
banishment: forced removal
barbarous: uncivilized, very cruel
barbarously: with extreme cruelty
beholden: grateful
blaspheme: curse
brethren: "brothers," friends
britches: pants or trousers
broached: expressed
burdens: troubles
calamities: tragedies; difficulties
casualty against his will: by accident
chief: leaders
chosen: named
civil: not religious
civility: civilization
clear ministry: the right thing to preach
combustion: violent commotion or disturbance
comely: attractive
commission: duty
conceive: think
consent: agreement
considerable: important
consulteth: communicate
contagion: infectious disease
contrived: planned
convert: change one's religion
corruptions: temptations
Court of Assistants: colony's highest court, later become Supreme Judicial Court
Court of Rome: Pope and his circle of advisors
Covenant: formal agreement
deterred: discouraged
diligent: hard working
discord: disagreements
discourse: discussion
distemper: disease, disturbed state of mind
divers: variety of
divulged: announced publicly
due: proper
dwell: live
ecclesiastical: church-related
edifices: buildings
endeavours: efforts
expel: force to leave
extream and pinching: absolute
fair structures: attractive buildings
faithful: accurate, truthful
flourish: prosper
fomented: stirred up bad opinions
forestalled: tricked
fortified: built for defensive purposes
fortold: predicted
furnished: published, provided
gainful: profitable
General Court: meeting of the colony's leadership; later, the Massachusetts legislature
have opportunity of passage for his departure: can plan his own way out
heretical: ideas that don't conform, in this case to the Puritans' Christian beliefs
hypocrisy: pretending to believe something you don't really believe
indicted: accused
instant: of this month
intemperate: lacking in control
Jesuitical order: a group of the Catholic church devoted to religious education
jurisdiction: [in this case] Massachusetts Bay Colony
knit: join
laden: loaded
league : about 3 miles
lurking: sneaking around
made parties: convinced people to support her cause
magistrates: judges
malignant: evil; harmful
mortal: fatal
notoriously: widely known
occasioned: caused
ordained: given religious authority
ordination: a ceremony in which an individual becomes a minister or priest
oversway: be more important than
paled: fenced
patent: the exclusive authority
perished: died
pew: bench in a church
physic: healing
pillage: robbing
plant: farm
plantation: [in this context] a town or settlement
planter: settler
planters: settlers
posterity: future generations
potent: strong and influential
pound: British unit of money
prejudicial: harmful
premeditate: plan ahead
preserved: protected
professing: thinking of
prospect: promise of
provision: food
railing upon: screaming at
ratified: agreed to
rectified: corrected
relation: report
remove: move
repair to: come to
repent: feel deep sorrow, great sadness
reprieve: pardon
respects: issues
Sea of Rome: Pope and his circle of advisors
sedition: the act of separating oneself
shilling: unit of money; there used to be 20 shillings in a pound
shingle: wood tile used to cover a roof or outside walls of a building
solicitation: urging
strait: passage of water
straitened: stressed, squeezed
subsisting: keeping someone at a minimal level of living; providing someone with the bare essentials
teat: a small protrusion, a nipple, [in this case] possibly a mole of some kind
tempest: storm
tenet: opinion, idea held by a group
thrive: do well
town treasurer: individual responsible for managing the town money
unaccountable: unexplained
underminings: arguments against
unfitted for their employment: unable to work
uniformity: when something is exactly the same from place to place
vented: publicly complained about
visitation: outbreak of disease
visited with: infected by
want of: lack of
warrant: reason
with any affection of displeasure: when in a bad mood

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