High School Unit I

Lesson B: Suggested Links & Resources


EDSITEment unit, "From Courage to Freedom: Frederick Douglass's 1845 Biography"

EDSITEment unit, "How people in the North and South reacted to the Emancipation Proclamation"

"Making the World Better: The Struggle for Equal Rights in Nineteenth Century America" focuses on two Massachusetts women— Sarah Parker Remond, an African-American abolitionist, and Lucy Stone. The unit includes a Teacher's Guide.


The Black Presence in the Era of the American Revolution, by Sidney Kaplan and Emma Nogrady Kaplan (University of Massachusetts Press, 1989).

Courage and Conscience: Black & White Abolitionists in Boston, ed. by Donald M. Jacobs (Published for the Boston Athenaeum by Indiana University Press, 1993).

Sarah's Long Walk: The Free Blacks of Boston and How Their Struggle for Equality Changed America, by Stephen Kendrick and Paul Kendrick (Beacon Press, 2005). [Good source of information on Robert Morris.]


For biographical information:

Biography of Theodore Parker. Scroll about two-thirds down for information about his abolitionist activities.

Biography of Thomas Wentworth Higginson

Another biography of Thomas Wentworth Higginson

Short paragraph on Robert Morris