High School Unit II

Creative Extensions

  1. Have the students create a visual project that captures a significant element of the work women did in the nineteenth and twentieth centuries to broaden the rights and opportunities for their sex in the U.S.. The project can be presented as a video, PowerPoint, or using Microsoft’s Photo Story 3.
  2. Ask students to interview a woman born between 1926 and 1954 about her experience in the world outside the home. Before students conduct their interviews, they should prepare a list of questions. Some suggestions:
    1. What educational opportunities did you have?
    2. What were women in your family expected to do when they left school?
    3. What, if any, obstacles did you have to overcome to achieve your goals?
    4. Which of your achievements are you the most proud?
    5. Did changes in the outside world affect your education? How did these changes affect your work choices?
    6. How does the situation you faced as a young woman compare to what young women face today? What accounts for the changes?
    7. Have your ideas about a woman’s proper role changed as you have gotten older?
    8. Have students summarize the main points of the interview orally or in writing. What has changed the most? The least? How would they explain the changes and continuities? What, if anything, did they learn that surprised them?

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