Activity 1: On Strike

Have students read the Mass Moments essays describing various strikes.Divide the class into groups and assign one or more of the essays to each group. Have individual students read and answer the questions on primary source documents, HS III-3, HS III-4, HS III-5, HS III-6, HS III-7, and HS III-8, then report back to the group.

As a class, discuss:

  1. How do the strikes compare to each other? What was similar or different? What were recurring issues?
  2. How did those in authority (owners, management, and government) respond to the strikes? Why?
  3. Which of these responses seem justified? Why?

Have students read the AFL statement.

  1. What key points does the statement make?
  2. What was the organization’s position regarding strikes?
  3. How did the AFL think labor disputes should be resolved?

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