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E/MS Unit II: Building a New Society: Life in Colonial Massachusetts Lesson C: A Young Colony Faces Challenges
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Key Questions

1. How did the New England colonies meet the need for workers?

2. What English beliefs persisted among colonists?

3. What happened to the colony's first newspaper?

Activity 1: The Need for Labor
Activity 2: Threats to the Community
Activity 3: The Printed Word
Activity 4: Creative Extension
Primary Sources
Related Mass Moments

"First Slaves Arrive in Massachusetts"
By 1640, a few people in Massachusetts owned slaves.

"Winthrop Buys Passage for Ironworkers"
Massachusetts Bay Colony had a shortage of skilled labor.

"Jury Finds Mary Parsons Not Guilty of Witchcraft"
The belief in witches was widespread.

"First Newspaper Published in the Colonies"
Authorities quickly suppressed the first newspaper.

lesson image credit: Salem Village witchcraft trials in the 1690s; Library of Congress