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E/MS Unit II: Building a New Society: Life in Colonial Massachusetts Lesson B: Religious Intolerance in Seventeenth-Century Massachusetts
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Key Questions

1. What were the early settlers' religious goals?

2. How did the Puritans treat people who had different religious views than they did?

3. Why were Puritans so intolerant of religious practices that were different from their own?

Activity 1: The Puritans’ Promise to God
Activity 2: High Cost of Following Other Religious Beliefs
Activity 3: Religious Diversity Today
Activity 4: How the Puritans Celebrated Christmas
Primary Sources
Related Mass Moments

"Roger Williams Banished"
He spread new and dangerous religious ideas.

"Anne Hutchinson Banished"
She threatened the authority of the colony’s leaders.

"Massachusetts Bay Colony Bans Catholic Priests"
Priests were banned on penalty of death.

"Quakers Outlawed in Plymouth"
Quakers were considered instruments of the devil.

"Christmas Celebration Outlawed"
Celebrate Christmas and you’ll be fined five shillings.

lesson image credit: Quakers being led to execution in Massachusetts Bay Colony in the 1600s; Religious Society of Friends (UK)