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E/MS Unit I: Two Cultures Collide: Early Relations Between English Settlers and Indigenous People in Plymouth and Massachusetts Bay Colonies Lesson D: William Apess and the “Mashpee Revolt”
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Key Questions

  1. Who was William Apess?
  2. How did Apess present the Native American view of King Philip's War?
  3. What led up to the "Mashpee Revolt" and how were the Mashpees' grievances resolved?

Activity 1: The Rev. William Apess Presents a Different Point of View
Activity 2: The "Mashpee Revolt"
Primary Sources
Related Mass Moments

"Native American Writer Born "
A powerful orator, William Apess was the first American Indian protest writer.

"Indians in Mashpee Demand Self-Government"
Mashpee Indians petitioned the governor to restore their rights.

lesson image credit: William Apess, courtesy American Antiquarian Society