A few tips for making the most of Teachers' Features
  • The site is divided into five units; each unit has a series of lessons, and each lesson has student activities, primary source documents, links and associated Moments.
  • Beneath the Teachers' Features logo at the top of the page is a menu that tells you where you are on the site. To go up a level, click on the menu to the left of the highlighted one. At any point, clicking on "UNIT MENU" will return you to the Teachers' Features homepage.
  • All of the components are self-contained for maximum flexibility. You can pick and choose between units, lessons, student activities, or primary sources.
  • The primary sources are designed for use by students; everything else is written for teachers.
  • Discussion questions for the sources in the elementary and middle school units are at the bottom of the document for ease of student use.
  • Most of the primary sources have lists of vocabulary words. Students can find the meaning of highlighted words by hovering over them with the cursor or clicking on the alphabetized list for the unit.
  • All individual activities and primary source documents can be printed directly from the screen. A PDF version of each unit will be available soon to make printing selected portions easier.
  • You can get back to the Mass Moments homepage, which tells a different story every day of the year, by clicking on the banner at the very top of each page.

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