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Author Deer Island etc.

Joined: May 2007
Feb 19, 2017 06:51

Natick was the first "Praying Indian community and our (Canton-Stoughton) Ponkapoag was the second. More precise details are needed here regarding the Naticks being sent to Deer Island. The Ponkapoags were also sent, but were brought back to Brush Hill before the war was over, and several Ponkapoags were prominent scouts helping the English. Not sure about such specifics on the Naticks, but would guess that both tribes had to winter on Deer Island, which did have shellfish to eat, but was otherwise a nasty place in that winter. If I lived in Natick, I might request that if this really were a post on the founding date, that it would be more on the white settlement, with a separate article created for the Praying Indians.

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