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Author Accuracy Issues

Joined: Apr 2012
Apr 07, 2015 11:50

Noting the conflict between the April 7th and 10th dates leads one to the fact that Winthrop's company left Yarmouth on April 8th. So why is this a "moment" for the 7th? (See Winthrop's journal at

Why, after noting the 1630 Puritans were not the first English Colonists, do you reference the 1626 settlers, but not the 1620 Pilgrims (who are mentioned later only for their religious differences)?

You write that after moving from Salem to Charlestown, "Winthrop and his followers...crossed the river again" to establish Boston. However, as Salem and Charlestown are on the same side of the Charles relative to Boston, they did not cross the river again.

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Joined: Apr 2015
Apr 07, 2017 07:10

It would surely have been more accurate to say they were not the first Puritans to come to Mass., and it would have been a good clarification for most readers to mention the Pilgrims in 1620. As for "crossing the river", indeed they were crossing a river again, just not the same river. Going from Salem to Charlestown they would have had to cross the Saugus River and the Mystic River, while in moving to Boston they would have as you say been crossing the Charles.

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