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Author CO 1274

Joined: Aug 2011
Aug 21, 2011 06:40

The Co 1274 shows up in a picture of the sign of Camp White, Barkhamsted Ct.I found it in the CCC museum in Stafford Springs CT. The 1274th worked in Jacksonville Wyoming according to Legacy records--Why would they be in a picture of 1933 or early 1934 in Ct?

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Joined: Apr 2005
Dec 23, 2011 06:27

The list of companies on the CCC Legacy website is not without gaps of missing information. Although the bureaucracy of the CCC was extremely thorough, some information slips through the cracks and takes some sleuthing to discover what actually happened. Without knowing the history of that company we can only guess based on similar situations of other companies that headed west from the northeast.

Beginning about the Third Period of the CCC program, March-April 1935 and continuing through March of 1936, there was the greatest expansion of the CCC program. This was to impact an additional 250,000 men; for a total of 500,000 enrollees. New camps were created, mostly in western states that had a lot of available federal land to work on. State quotas for enrollees in western states were often not met (as quotas were based per capita on state population to available "unimproved" open space acreage) and the surplus of men from northeastern states, where quotas were easily met, were sent west to the 8th and 9th Army Corps Areas. So, the 1274 Company may have briefly been at Barkhampstead in Connecticut, or more likely New York state at Margaret Lewis Norrie State Park in 1934, and then sent west to work in the National Forests around Jackson, Wyoming. Without the benefit of seeing documentation the reason is unknown, as companies were moved around for a variety of reasons or needs.

In a four digit CCC company number, the second number indicates the Army Corps Area origin. In this case "2" indicates 2nd Army Corps Area which, in the 1930s, was New York and New Jersey where there was definately a surplus of unemployed men.

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