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Author ccc camp martha's vinyard

Joined: Aug 2011
Aug 21, 2011 06:31

does anyone know when it opened and when it closed ?

Also --were all of the men transferred to Barkhamsted Ct--Camp White in 1934------ Was the whole Co moved ? or did they split the company?

My father, Howard of Brighton ma was at both camps . the 106th clearly was at camp white from 1934 to 1941
but he was first sent to vinyard Haven

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Joined: Apr 2005
Dec 23, 2011 07:13

MA CCC camp S-57, 106 Company, was active from May 26, 1933 through May 24, 1934, one year. The camp was located in the Martha's Vineyard State Forest (Manuel Correllus State Forest) on what is today the airport, which is the former Naval Air Station built in 1942. No known camp structures survive, most were salvaged following the departure of the company. Work included creating 36 miles of 30' fire lines, planting trees and timber stand improvement and Gypsy moth control.

To the disappointment of Vineyarders who appreciated the work and infusion to the local economy by the camp, the 106 Company was relocaed to S-63 Camp White in Barkhamstead, CT to work on People's and American Legion State Forests. Without knowing the whole story of the comapny in CT. It appears that the company was transferred as a whole and gradually replaced with enrollees from CT, although this does not seem the case with your father. Some MA men were transferred to other MA camps.

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