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Author Daniel Gookin's "Historical Account of the Doings

Joined: May 2007
Jun 24, 2011 02:40

and Sufferings of the Christian Indians in New England in the Years 1675-1677" is a passionate defense of the Indians, but the Christianized Indians of the seven "Praying Towns" including Natick, Ponkapoag, Nashoba, and several other places. Gookin is angry at many whites (including a notorious Captain Mosely) who he believes blindly and angrily harrassed, kidnapped, incarcerated, or stole property from innocent Christian Indians. The Christian part is important to Gookin, since the non-Christian Indians, such as the Narragansett, who mocked Eliot or some other would be missionary, are seen as receiving their just deserts at the Great Swamp Fight.
Gookin also asserts that the tide of the war turned in the English favor when they decided to use Praying Indians as scouts and soldiers. He claims that Sassamon the Harvard-educated Praying Indian born at Ponkapoag) was the first "Christian martyr" for the Indians. He cites many specific actions of which he has direct knowledge, and often says the equivalent of "I cannot comment on this because I do not know the facts." Gookin and Eliot were regular visitors to the Praying Indian Villages.
One can get a larger-print, reprint of the original from Amazon for moderate money and it is undoubtedly available online, somewhere.

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