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Author H. in Robert Goddard's Name

Joined: Mar 2005
Mar 16, 2005 11:29

Can anyone confirm the H in Goddard's name stands for Hutchings? I've also seen it as Hutchins. Does anyone know any more about his genelolgy? Thanks!

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Joined: Dec 2004
Mar 17, 2005 09:52

According to the "Family Trees" on the name is Robert Hutchings Goddard.


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Joined: Mar 2005
Mar 17, 2005 11:14

Thank you very much for the site. I'll go there and see what more I can learn. Appreciate your time.

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Joined: Mar 2005
Mar 22, 2005 06:49   modified on Mar 22, 2005 07:07

Robert Hutchings Goddard was born on October 5, 1882 at Maple Hill in Worcester. The family moved to Boston in 1883 where Robert attended the Mount Pleasant, the Hugh O'Brien and English High Schools.In 1898 the family moved back to Maple Hill, Worcester.

Source:American Institute of Aeronautics and Astronautics Phamphlet- "Historic Aerospace Site" Profile of"Aunt Effie's Farm" Auburn Massachusetts.
This publication also has an extensive bibliography focused on Goddard.
Clark University in Worcestor also has a continuing exhibit on Goddard and considerable information on his life..

Bill Deane
Massachusetts Aviation Historical Society

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