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Author astounding

Joined: Jan 2007
Jan 25, 2010 06:58

We drove back from VT. last weekend on Rt. 2, and I once again told my family about this truly incredible feat. Rt. 2 ain't the greatest road under any circumstances, but can you imagine what it must have been like when it was just the Mohawk Trail, and their oxen & sleds had 2 drag those cannon so far. Fair to say that if they'd failed, the Revolution would have come to a short and not too sweet end! (Moral of this story: don't underestimate booksellers..!).

W. David Stephenson | Principal | Stephenson Strategies
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Joined: May 2007
Jan 30, 2010 07:00

Or they don't make booksellers like they used to. Or the general population for that matter. Can anyone conceive of an "army" of citizen soldiers today doing anything like what those people did? Let's face it, most of the educated classes today would be loyalists, Thomas Hutchinsons writ large and small. But, hey, we are what we are.

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Joined: May 2007
Jan 24, 2012 04:48

But on further consideration, citizens using their contemporary means of hauling, earth-moving and freight-moving stock, could and probably would accomplish some equivalent feat. The closest thing I can think of in our society are citizens who band together to build levees.
However, I should not imply that the cannon were moved by people donating their time, as I'm sure many bills were submitted for work provided. When and if they got paid and in what currency is another question, one which Daniel Shays and his men were still fighting about, years later.

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