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Author Bestsey Chamberlain: early Native woman writer

Joined: Dec 2004
Feb 02, 2005 00:00

Ranta, Judith A. "The Life and Writings of Betsey Chamberlain: Native American Mill Worker." Northeastern University Press: 2003.

Betsey Guppy Chamberlain (1797-1886) was many different things: a wife, a mother, a humorist, a feminist and one of the first Native women writers. She was born about 1797 in Wolfeboro, New Hampshire on the shore of Lake Winnipesaukee. Chamberlain was of English and Algonkian (most likely Narragansett or Abenaki) descent. She used four pen names, married four times, used five surnames, and relocated from New England to the Midwest. At one point in her life Ms. Chamberlain lived in Lowell, Massachusetts and worked in the textile mills. There she wrote stories and sketches for two workers magazines "The Lowell Offering" and "The New England Offering." Thirty-four of these short pieces are collected in this book, along with an extensive biography and historic and literary analysis of the writings.

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