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Author Rosie's subsequent runs

Joined: Jan 2006
Jan 11, 2006 06:37

Watched the special last night and was disappointed that they did not say what times Ruiz posted post 2000 BAA marathon - whether for a marathon or anything else. It seemed that this would tell as much about whether she was a fraud as anything. Can anyone supply this information.

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Joined: Jan 2006
Jan 11, 2006 07:31

I did not see the whole show and wish I would have. I did get this from another story though: "As race officials prepared to announce her disqualification from the race, they discovered evidence that she had also cheated during the earlier New York marathon, where she had earned the time that had qualified her to run in the Boston marathon. She had apparently achieved her time in New York by riding the subway. Officials stripped her of her Boston victory and awarded the title to the real winner, Jackie Gareau" Thiw was taken from

She had 'issues' BEFORE the Boston Marathon and MANY issues AFTER the Marathon. If she is really ran the whole race as she states, she should come out and tell everyone where she started in the race, who passed her along the way and who did she pass and at what point. I noticed that she did not know what "interval training' was in one of her initial interviews. Can some be such a fine athlete and not even know what interval means? I am not an athlete at all and I know that.


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Joined: Aug 2005
Apr 21, 2006 07:50   modified on Apr 21, 2006 07:54

The article left out one interesting postscript to the story -- that a manufacturer of nylon stockings wanted to hire Rosie to endorse his product -- "Guaranteed not to run" was to be the tagline.


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